‘Other People’s Money’ – Podcast Series with Unofficial Partner

Alongside the team at Unofficial Partner I’ve begun a new podcast series taking a deeper look at the role of investment in sport.

Our goal is to deepen understanding across the sport industry of the potential opportunities – and pitfalls – of investment. We’ll be talking to experts both inside and outside the sports industry in a show that’s intending to dig a lot deeper than the binary opinions which tend to dominate both the sports and mainstream news media.

Hopefully my experience selling my business to both trade and private equity, advising fast growth businesses looking to secure finance and also working with investors on the ‘other side of the fence’ over the last few years will enable me to provide a pragmatic view for listeners.

You can find the first episode of the podcast here (embed Spotify link).

You’ll also be able to find the full set of shows and learn more about the Unofficial Partner business here… https://www.unofficialpartner.com